Level 3 Certification w/ monthly payments

5 monthly payments of $499.00 USD

Subtotal: 5 monthly payments of $499.00 USD
Due Now: $499.00 USD

During this 3-day intensive design experience, you will:

  • Have access to key gamification experts that will review your gamification design and provide valuable feedback as well as supplemental resources
  • Synthesize all the elements of Gamification Apprentice and Journeyman programs into a cohesive plan
  • Take an employee learning or engagement challenge and design a thoughtful, well-structured, and research-based solution.
  • Identify the objectives of the organization and evaluate challenges in achieving the objectives
  • Itemize the virtual economy, badging tiers, levels and leaderboards to a level of detail that could be executed by a development team
  • Design a complete and detailed gamification strategy project plan, with a five-level ROI framework for analysis
  • Accurately measure the ‘required behaviors’ vs. ‘actual behaviors achieved’ to quantitatively show proof of concept
  • Clearly define a communications strategy and roll-out plan in a detailed implementation roadmap

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Level 3 Certification w/ monthly payments 5 monthly payments of $499.00 USD
Due Now $499.00 USD